Customers in Somersworth, New Hampshire Prefer Aluminum Fences

Many customers prefer aluminum fences for residential yards and commercial lots in Somersworth, New Hampshire. At Central Fence & Deck, you'll save money on aluminum because it's inexpensive and very durable.
New Aluminum Fences - Time for Change in Style and Security
Aluminum Fences - The Greener Option for Outdoor Security
Aluminum Fencing is a Solid Way to Fortify Your Property Line
Aluminum fences are versatile

Because of their classy look, strength, and customization, aluminum fences are a perfect option for almost anywhere.

Residential Fencing

Commonly, aluminum is used for fencing-in pool areas and gated entrances. Aluminum fences are a popular choice for Somersworth, New Hampshire-area residential properties like homes, estates, apartment buildings and condominiums, housing authorities, and animal shelters and pet/child enclosures.

Commercial Fencing

Aluminum fences also work great for commercial and public properties like office complexes, parking lots, cemeteries, parks and playgrounds, gardens, farms and ranches, security perimeters, and industrial properties.


Aluminum Fences Adapt to Fit

They come in many styles, colors, and can be customized according to most design preferences. What’s more is that aluminum fencing works well on all surfaces, flat or sloped, so no need to worry about having gaps or awkward transitions around your fenced-in yard.

Aluminium Delivery
Aluminum fences are low maintenance

When you buy an aluminum fence through Central Fence & Deck, you can also rest assured that you have a lifetime of little to no maintenance on your fence.

Built-In Protective Coating

Aluminum fences are a thick, powder coated material that not only protects your space, but protects itself from losing its original sturdy look. You won’t need to repaint it like iron fences.

Sturdier Than Wooden Fences

Wooden fences break down and routinely need maintenance such as restraining and repairing. Aluminum fences are much sturdier than wood. You won’t need to replace broken or rotted posts.

Built to Last

The most maintenance you will have is simply hosing it down once a season. Most aluminum fences are even covered under a warranty, just incase.

Benefits to Installing Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing will hold stronger for longer than wrought iron or steel because it will not rust or erode. Our various styles can have the look you want and will last a lifetime!

Dancing on the Grass
Aluminum Fence Features

Our aluminum fences are held together with patented technology to connect the pickets and rails on the inside. This design feature eliminates the need for hardware that can rust or loosen up, keeping your fence solidly intact and keeping your property secure year after year!

Maintenance & Care

Aluminum is a strong material meant to last decades. Our Corigin technology gets rid of the majority of screws that could rust or get loose. However, the hardware surrounding the gates may need to be replaced after some aging. Mold and mildew can be prevented with just a bi-yearly rinse.