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Pool Fences

Benefits of

Pool Fencing

Do the neighbors’ kids like to visit your yard? What about their pets? Keep them all safe and  safeguard yourself from the liability of a swimming accident by installing one of our premium, customizable pool fences. We know all about the local codes for swimming pool fencing.

Features of

Pool Fencing

If you want to maintain a bit of extra security, our pool fences have height options from 4’ to 6’. Panels run 6’ or 8’ across and gate options run from 3’ to 5’ wide with a straight or arched top. Picket widths can be customized as well as distance between pickets.



and Care

Fence hardware causes issues. Keeping an eye out for loose screws or rusty nails is a pain. Thankfully, our pool fences are built without hardware, except for the gate hinges. Our lifetime warranty is proof that you will spend more time enjoying your fence than maintaining it.

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