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Benefits to Installing Vinyl Fences 

Vinyl Fencing is a popular choice for customers on the New Hampshire seacoast. At Central Fence & Deck, we often recommend vinyl fences because they are low maintenance, customizable, and safe to use.
Learn About Vinyl Fencing - From Style to Safety Features 
3 Reasons New Hampshire Residents Choose Vinyl Fences
Vinyl Fencing Protects Families Best in New Hampshire
Vinyl fences have a long lifespan

Homeowners and business owners in Strafford County, NH want to invest in fences that will last for a long time. Vinyl is one of the most durable types of fencing materials that you can find and the average vinyl fence will hold up for decades.

Vinyl Fencing is Durable

With very little maintenance or effort needed, vinyl fences can last 30 solid years or more before needing to be repaired or replaced. Most homes are lived in for 15-30 years as families are raised and life evolves. Residential fencing made from vinyl will serve your family well.

Commercial Vinyl Fencing

Commercial fences can also be made from vinyl and these fences privacy and security - not to mention curb appeal - to your Strafford County, NH location. Vinyl fences stand the test of time and keep in new condition for years.


Protect Your Investment

When you purchase a vinyl fence through Central Fence & Deck, it also comes with a warranty so your vinyl fence may be covered indefinitely.

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Vinyl is safe and fully recyclable

Even though vinyl is a form of plastic which is not generally thought to be an eco-friendly material, vinyl fencing is safe to use and doesn't take a toll on the natural environment. The production and use of building materials has an impact on the environment, but vinyl is made from natural elements and it's fully recyclable. Actually, many fences and gates are made from recycled vinyl.

A vinyl fence is one of the most environmentally friendly fences you can buy! It doesn't take much vinyl to make a fence that's every bit as strong (and even more durable) as a metal or wooden fence. 

Vinyl fencing is a responsible fencing option for Strafford County, NH properties. If you have small children or pets that will come into contact with you fence, vinyl fencing is a good way to go because it's a safe way to secure your yard.

Benefits to Installing Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing will hold stronger for longer than wrought iron or steel because it will not rust or erode. Our various styles can have the look you want and will last a lifetime!

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Vinyl Fence Features

Our StayStraight technology holds all of our vinyl fences strong from the inside out as the pickets sit into each other and into the posts. Your new vinyl fence will be sure to hold strong for generations. The strength and longevity of our vinyl fences is backed up with a lifetime warranty.

Maintenance & Care for Vinyl Fences

New or old, it's easy to take care of a vinyl fence. Just a rinse with a garden hose to get rid of any debris like grass clippings or dirt. This is  all the maintenance you will have to do to keep your vinyl fence looking fantastic for a long time!